Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

For the longest time HVAC companies have concentrated their work on correcting and controlling air comfort…

How comfortable the temperature is for the space you are in? If attention was given to air quality, it was for the ventilation of harmful gasses or for humidity control.

Concern for the quality of our indoor air has become a much more important concern and consideration. Customers, employees, and employers want to take a more proactive approach to clean or purify the air, because clearly, safe air matters.

Temp-Con, the Right Choice!

Temp-Con offers several approaches to improving the quality of indoor air:

Improved air filtration

Quality, high efficiency mechanical media filters help capture smaller sized particulate matter and prevent it from recirculating back into the room.

Antibacterial Disinfecting Coil Cleaning

ADDC lowers the possibility of bacteria and fungi growing on coil surfaces that are being carried to occupied spaces. We use specialized products that have demonstrated effectiveness against Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19, as listed by the EPA.

Ultraviolet Lights and Ion Polarization

UVL and IP systems offer an extra layer of protection and are capable of inactivating microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses.

Temp-Con is sourcing cutting-edge technology products which prove extremely effective:

  • Kills 99% of most Germs, Bacteria and Viruses on surfaces and in the air*
  • Reduce Allergens, Dust, Dander and Smoke
  • Used in Government Buildings, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools and Homes Worldwide
  • Patented Technology, Tested, Validated and Proven

*Tested by Kansas State University. RGF products are not medical devices and no medical claims are made.

Manufactured in the USA, this technology uses a reflective electromagnetic energy cell to create ionized hydro-peroxides
H2O2). This unique technology tested and validated by third party independent labs and universities proactively reduces bacteria, mold, and viruses in the air and on surfaces by 99% while also decreasing odors, smoke, and VOCs. In addition, through bi-polar ionization some units have the added benefit of reducing airborne dust and particles.

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