Sheet Metal Fabrication

Elevate Your Projects with Temp-Con's In-House Sheet Metal Fabrication Services!

At Temp-Con, our in-house sheet metal fabrication gives us a significant competitive edge in terms of cost, quality, and capacity. By handling all fabrication processes internally, we maintain complete control over the quality of our work and ensure every project meets our exacting standards.
State-of-the-Art Sheet Metal Fabrication Facility

Temp-Con's Sheet Metal Fabrication Division is one of the most technologically advanced in Kansas. Our 23,000 square foot facility specializes in the manufacturing of sheet metal ducts (both insulated and un-insulated) and fittings. We deliver high-quality sheet metal projects for a variety of commercial construction needs.
Advanced Equipment and Capabilities

Our facility is equipped with cutting-edge machinery that allows us to perform a wide range of fabrication processes:

Forming and Bending: Precision forming and bending to meet the exact specifications of any project.
Punch Pressing and Laser Cutting: Computer-controlled laser cutting and punch pressing ensure accuracy and efficiency.
Welding and Assembly: Expert welding and assembly for robust and reliable constructions.
Spiral Pipe Manufacturing: Our Spiral Helix machine forms spiral pipe ranging from 6" to 34" in diameter.

Versatile Material Handling

Our skilled technicians are proficient in fabricating a variety of metals, including:

Galvanized Steel
Stainless Steel
Black Iron

We handle thicknesses ranging from .010 inches to .250 inches, ensuring we can meet the needs of any project.
Comprehensive Fabrication Capabilities

Our sheet metal shop is fully equipped to handle diverse fabrication tasks:

Coil Line: Capable of running standard and nonstandard gauges of metal.
Plasma Tables: Can burn 12 ft x 5 ft sheets, programmable directly from the shop floor.
Power Shears and Punch Presses: For precise cutting and shaping.
Power Rollers and Tubing Benders: For forming and bending various metal profiles.
Hand Rollers, Foot Shears, and Manual Punches: For detailed and manual fabrications.
Flaring Machines and Press Brakes: For creating flared and bent components with high precision.

Why Choose Temp-Con for Sheet Metal Fabrication?

By choosing Temp-Con for your sheet metal fabrication needs, you benefit from our:

In-House Expertise: Complete control over quality and timelines.
Cost Efficiency: Competitive pricing due to our streamlined, in-house processes.
Technological Advancements: Access to the latest fabrication technologies.
Skilled Workforce: Highly trained technicians dedicated to delivering excellence.

Our experienced team is ready to help you with all of your sheet metal fabrication needs.

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