About Us

Temp-Con (short for Temperature Control) was established by Jerry Bain and Steve Meganck in the fall of 1989. The focus was and still is to provide exceptional heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration service for restaurants and commercial establishments. In mid-1991 Steve left the company and reestablished himself at CFM Distributors.

Tempcon Van About UsShortly thereafter, Steve left Kent Myers became a partner in the business. Two years later, in the fall of 1993, Kent decided to venture out on his own and focus on a different segment of the commercial HVAC market.

Jerry pressed on, hired quality employee’s with great customer service skills and craftsmanship within the industry. Jerry took great care of his people and great care of his customer. Jerry recognized the tremendous work ethic of his team, and sincerely valued their contribution to the success of Temp-Con.

In 1995 Temp-Con expanded their presence in the marketplace by moving into the new construction installation segment of commercial HVAC and refrigeration. Temp-Con began what is now our Commercial Construction Division.

In 1998 Temp-Con vertically integrated a significant component of the commercial construction work: sheet metal fabrication. Temp-Con now has its own in-house capacity to shape, assemble, and stage all our commercial construction needs and maintain complete control over the quality of the work. In-house sheet metal fabrication gives us a competitive advantage in cost, quality, and capacity on every job – clearly making Temp-Con the Right Choice!

Because of the hard work, commitment to quality, and consistently delivering the highest level of service within the industry, the team at Temp-Con has grown to what it is today. We currently employ over 125 associates including service technicians, project managers, installers, estimators, fabrication, accounting, and management personnel.

One of the most notable strengths of our company lives in the depth and breadth of experience and expertise of our leadership team. Across our top leadership team Temp-Con has over 200 years of commercial HVAC and refrigeration experience. When you hire Temp-Con, you’re hiring the first-hand knowledge and experience this team brings to their jobs. It’s a big part of what makes Temp-Con the Right Choice!