Commercial Plumbing

Plumbing FixturesNobody likes a backed-up drain or clogged toilet! Nobody. Whether it’s a floor drain in your commercial kitchen or the toilets your customers or employees use, what you want is to get things flowing, and fast! Temp-Con provides commercial and industrial plumbing services that will get your clog unclogged.

In addition to clearing clogged drain lines or toilets, Temp-Con also provides plumbing, water main and water service repair and replacement, as well as sewer camera, location, tracing, cleaning, repair and replacement. From commercial construction projects to repair and sewer service, we provide customers with a complete plumbing solution for their diverse plumbing needs.

Temp-Con offers a complete line of competitively priced plumbing services. Our plumbers are all certified, insured, and highly trained so they can diagnose your problem quickly. We take pride in our fleet of clean, well maintained, late model service vehicles and equip them with the latest in plumbing equipment and tools to ensure our plumbers have what they need to complete your job. Our focus on efficiency helps us be more productive and saves you time and money. Make one call, have it all! Temp-Con, the Right Choice!

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Our services include:

  • new construction plumbing projects
  • commercial remodeling projects
  • installation and service of various plumbing fixtures (even owner furnished equipment)
    • backflow preventers
    • water heaters
    • boilers
    • sinks, faucets, and drains
    • shut-off valves